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Centrifugal Disc Bail (CDB) - The Centrifugal Disc Bail (CDB) design incorporates a heavier brass disc that is perfectly weighted and balanced to create smoother bail operations. CDB increases the strength and stability of bail functions.

Progressive Drag - Okuma’s 1-K woven carbon fiber drag knob is light weight and creates progressive drag settings. Our progressive drag allows you to customize settings to specific conditions and fish or adjust your drag during a long fight.

C-40X - Okuma’s C-40X long strand carbon fiber technology utilizes a special blended graphite polymer. The carbon fibers in this material are elongated and reinforced, which creates a substantially stronger composite than standard graphite. At 25% lighter, 50% stronger and 100% anti-corrosive, C-40X translates into an extremely lightweight and durably constructed.

Cyclonic Flow Rotor (CFR) - CFR was designed to create “cyclonic” airflow, which significantly increases air around the rotor, beneath and around the spool, with every turn of the handle. This thoroughly tested design allows for a much faster drying time if the reel becomes wet, minimizing corrosion and extending longevity of the reel.

TORSION CONTROL ARMOR® (TCA™) - The one-piece TCA™ design was built using Okuma C-40X carbon fiber technology and made with a double arm design. Compared to traditional single side designs, TCA™’s double arm offers higher torsion and flex resistance under heavy pressure for improved strength. This not only makes the reel lighter but also extremely rigid ensuring the internal parts stays in perfect alignment.

Slow Oscillation System - Okuma's Slow Oscillation System on its spinning reels creates a nice tight, even line lay. This even line lay helps to keep the line flat and helps you to get longer, more accurate casts.

Precision Elliptical Gearing System - Creates less friction during casting for increased distance, greater accuracy, and longer line life, as well as smoother, much uniform drag pressures.

Quick-Set Anti-Reverse - Engage the reel in one direction for rock-solid hook sets.

Even Flow Roller System - Reduce line twists by freely rolling over the line roller without friction.

Rotor Equalizing System - Precision balance and eliminates all spool wobble for perfect alignments and smooth cranking.

Hydro Block - Block water and foreign materials from entering system, ensure the drag washers always perform at optimal levels.

MAXGEAR® Powered by Forged Stainless - spinning reels are in a class of their own featuring a forged stainless steel, 17-4 grade machine cut gear. This reel was designed for ultimate strength.

DFD: Dual Force Drag System -  drag system utilizes the complete surface area of the carbon fiber drag washers; the system has been engineered to make full contact with the outer edges of our carbon washers, which maximizes efficiency and the ability to deliver high drag outputs.

High-Output Drag - spinning reel features a unique high output drag that can achieve extreme max pressures over 30kg. This unique drag system works very much like a conventional lever drag reel allowing anglers to pre-set their drag based on their target species or required drag output.

Hydro Sealed Body (IPX7 WATERPROOF) - spinning reels are engineered to withstand the most brutal conditions the ocean can offer all the internal mechanisms are sealed and protected from salt. The result is the best-of-the-best when it comes to big game fishing reels.

Dual Anti-Reverse - spinning reels are equipped with a dual anti-revere system, in order to match the same strength and integrity as the rest of the reel. The Quick-Set anti-reverse features a top of the line German stainless steel one-way roller bearing for maximum strength and pulling power.

Forged Aluminum Housing - unmatched in elite level spinning reels with a forged, machine cut aluminum body, sideplate and rotor. There are no die-cast parts on this reel. The Makaira is the elite reel in the category, with a complete forged aluminum housing.

High Performance Bearing - bearings are more than 10 times more resistant to saltwater than standard stainless steel bearings and even outlast the angler himself.

Mechanical Stabilizing System - Patented design stabilizes the spool shaft at 3 key stress points to eliminate flex under pressure - reel is more durable, strong and smoother than the competition.

Corrosion Resistant Coating - Offer exceptional anti-corrosive properties compared to standard gears, with a coating of corrosion X HD to all internal and external parts.

High Density Gearing - HDGII: Corrosion-resistant, High density gearing. Enlarged the main gear to provide better strength and a higher gear ratio.

AlumiLite Frame Construction - Provide more precise tolerances for precision gear alignment, maximum cast ability and ultimate durability.

LITECAST® Construction Design - Magnesium light frame with extra ordinary treatment for corrosion resistance.

Manual Bail Trip - function for both reliability as well as reduces line twists.

Gearing Stabilization Design - Ultimate pinion stability for prefect main gear adjustment : super smooth gearing feeling and high durability.

Rotor With Brush Guards - Prevent line twist between rotor and main shaft effectively.

Fast Progressive Drag - fast progressive drag allows a setting from low drag power to almost full drag power in less than 360° rotation.

Worm Shaft Transmission System - upgraded worm shaft transmission system, strengthens the construction, let the reel more rigid, makes the line wind more straight and tight, working more smoothly.

Velocity Control System - An adjustable, 6-pin centrifugal braking system for precision spool control.

Magnetic Control System - A fully-sealed, 100% waterproof cast control system that reduce backlash and improve casting distance.

TGT Grip - Traction Grip Technology.

Spool Access Port - Allow for quick spool changes and quick access for adjusting the Velocity Control System.

Speed LOC Pinion Gear System - Allow positive engaging at extreme high speed.

Multi-disc Carbonite Drag Washers - For a much wider and smoother drag range, maximum efficiency.

Strike Zone Line Counter System - Okuma's Strike Zone linecounter system incorporates a mechanical counter that precisely measures line based on spool revolutions. These counters measure in feet and are calibrated at the factory to be most accurate with a full spool and monofilament lines.

CVT System - Clear View Technology anti-fogging system.

Quick Drop System - When engaged, this button will automatically engage the clutch as soon as you remove your thumb from the thumb bar. This allows for precise and accurate placement of your bait or lure.

Self-Lubricating Gear System - The system releases oil if friction increases to keep the main gear and drive shaft running smoothly in all conditions.

Ergo Grip - The Ergo Grip handle knob is an extremely comfortable oversized handle-knob design for both speed and power. This soft-touch knob has been ergonomically designed to fit in the palm of your hand and will be found on certain Okuma lever drag reels, star drag reels and some spinning reel models.

Machined Rigid Frame - Okuma's Machined Rigid Frame construction incorporates a one-piece fully-machined aluminum frame. These rigid bar-stock aluminum frames are the ultimate in precision alignment and tolerances withstanding more pressure and torque than any other material used in our industry for frame materials. Okuma features these anodized frames on fly reels, baitcast reels, lever drag reels and star drag trolling reels.

Helical Cut Gearing - lever drag reels utilize helical cut main and pinion gears. This process allows for improved gear meshing which equates to improved gear smoothness. The angled teeth found in helical cut gears engage more gradually than straight cut or spur gear teeth. This allows helical gears to run smoother and quieter compared to spur gears. Spur gears cause impact stress and noise, because of the hard meshing and can not take as much torque as helical gears because their teeth are receiving impact blows as they mesh together.

Silent Anti-Reverse - anti-reverse system allows for a smoother and quieter feeling. We equate this feeling to that of a Lexus, when compared to other reels in the market. Most reels in the market hide their rough gear quality by the noise and vibration caused by the engagement and clacking of the anti-reverse pawls. The Okuma silent system is unlike any other 2-speed reel in the industry for smoothness. This anti-reverse system is supported by a 12 point double dog anti-reverse pawl system. The Makaira system is very simple in principal but the performance is extremely advanced. As you turn the reel forward the anti-reverse pawls slide open allowing a friction free and quiet retrieve. As soon as the handle is stopped or pulled backwards the anti-reverse pawls are engaged into place by their drive shaft actuated sliding system. The strength of this anti-reverse system does not solely rely on a dog spring like found on most of our competitors reels. The sliding function does not rely heavily on a dog spring system and is mainly controlled by the forward and reverse movement applied to the drive shaft through the movement of the angler turning the handle.

T-Bar Handle - The patented design of the T-Bar handle offers a true ergonomically correct angle to ensure an angler gets maximum power with minimum fatigue. The T-bar takes full advantage of the natural dynamics of the human hand, wrist and forearm to help sustain power and endurance for the angler.

Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC): Even Flow Roller System With DLC Coating - The EFR II with DLC coating greatly reduces line friction and prevents fishing worn out in addition to frictionless free rolling on the line roller to reduce line twist.

Frictionless Main Shaft Design - In the previous reels, when the main shaft moved up and down, a large area of friction was generated with the inner hole of the pinion, which caused you to feel resistance when turning. In order to reduce drag and achieve the lightness of rotation, we hollowed out the center of the pinion to reduce friction with shaft. To achieve the excellent lightness that maintains the original support strength and makes you feel the rotation.

Solid Reel Stem (SRS) - Crossover construction, uses a solid piece of stamped aluminum for the reel stem and rotor arm, along with lightweight graphite sides and rotor housing, provide maximum strength and minimal weight.