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Daiwa reel technologies description

LT (LIGHT AND TOUGH) - is a new concept in Daiwa engineering which has produced new sizes of reels that are smaller and tougher than ever. The entirely redesigned Digigear drive is reinforced.

Zaion - is a Daiwa-exclusive material made of highdensity-construction carbon offering corrosion resistance and a tougher, stronger material than magnesium.

Zaion V - An exclusive material used for reel bodies and rotors alike. The high-density carbon build offers a lighter reel that is also highly corrosion-resistant.

DS5 - is a polycarbonate that has been developed by Daiwa to offer a carbon content twice as great as that of standard graphite – making the reel lighter and tougher.

DS4 - is a polycarbonate that has been developed by Daiwa.

Air Metal (Magnesium body) - Lightness is the by-word of all reels made from this light and sensitive material, which is coated with an anti-corrosion treatment specially developed by Daiwa.

Super Metal Body (100% aluminium) and HardBodyz (aluminium alloy) - components are the toughest on the market. Daiwa engineering guarantees ultraprecise and strong designs.

Hyper Digigear - An evolution of the Digigear made with precision tooling of C6191 marinized bronze for a gear that’s both light and 1.6x tougher than Dura-aluminium.

Tough Digigear - A tougher evolution of the Digigear. Every detail has been redesigned: diameter, thickness, and teeth. The result is pure technical prowess in terms of toughness.

Digigear II - Digitally tooled gearing system with high-precision helicoid teeth for optimal smoothness.

ATD - new grease optimises the energy efficiency of the drag, which engages more quickly and without jolting.

UTD - More powerful fighting drag system boasting several new high-resistance discs which eliminate jumping and deliver a marriage of toughness and precision.

QD - The clue is in the name of this ultra fast drag! Transition from free to tight drag in half a turn of the knob and benefit from instantaneous adjustment after the cast or on the fight.

CRBB - High quality and high-strength anticorrosion ball bearings with a lifespan 10 times greater than a standard bearing.

Air Rotor - The Air Rotor stands out for its balance, toughness and sensitivity. The arched profile and 15% weight reduction compared to standard rotors offers optimal winding smoothness and eliminates vibration thanks to the lowered centre of gravity.

Air Bail - The hollow Touch Air Bail is made from SUS303 steel and is 20% tougher than a solid titanium bail of the same weight, and with a lifespan 13 x longer.

Silent Oscillation - The perfection of the points of contact between helicoid and straight teeth create an energy yield close to 99% and silent rotation. Daiwa gear trains offer superior winding smoothness.

Double oscillation - guarantees optimal line lay with no slips. The offload of the line on the cast has been optimised to keep the risk of tangles to an absolute minimum.

ABS and ABS II - In contrast to classic cylindrical spool designs, ABS spools are tapered to limit the risks of tangling on the cast. What’s more, the lip reduces friction to boost casting distance. The new ABSII design has been optimised to let you reach record distances on the cast.

Twist Buster and Twist Buster II - The Twist Buster pickup roller has been developed by Daiwa and precision tooled to guarantee optimal line lay. The system reduces the risks of linespin on the retrieve by 90%.

Cross Wrap - The Neo Cross Wrap system wraps the line around the spool in crossed spires for optimised offloading on the cast. This is absolutely key to preventing overruns and linespin.

Infinite Anti Reverse - The new Infinite Anti Reverse system is activated with 4 times less force than a classic system. Less than 2g is needed to engage the Real Stopper system which eliminates any handle movement brings sensitivity to the next level.

MAGSEALED - magnetic oil that uses aerospace technology to protect internal reel components and guarantee smooth rotation. MagSealed technology is based on a magnetic oil developed by NASA. This liquid joint technology was originally used for the internal workings of hard drives – providing dustproofing but not waterproofing. Daiwa engineers took on the challenge of creating a waterproof oil, working to control the intensity of the magnetic force. This took hundreds of trials with adjustments down to micron level! The technology has been tried and tested on the water with the world’s top specialists in every angling discipline, and it has produced a demonstrable gain in the smoothness of rotation.

MAGSEALED bearings (MSBB) - have been designed to last longer than ever. The balls are encapsulated in a completely waterproof bearing. The inner and outer rings are magnetised and joined by waterproof and highly stable MAGSEALED oil. The casing is 100% protected from impurities. The smoothness is beyond comparison to a waterproof industrial bearing: MagSealed oil removes the need for a joint, meaning that you won’t detect any friction on the wind. These bearings are placed either side of the drive gear in our flagship reels.

Monocoque Body - The drive gear is encased in a one-piece body, tougher and better sealed than ever.

SCW (Slow Cross Wrap) - refers to the relationship between the spool going up and down on its spindle and the rotor twirling around it to add line to the spool. That relationship is key to getting good line lay and that’s where SCW comes in. The oscillation speed of the spool rising and falling is slow, though not ultra slow. This causes a slight crossover in the wraps of line being laid down.

Long Cast ABS - the LC-ABS has been shown to increase the average flight distance by approx. 5% due to its reduced weight and modified shape.

SV concept - Designed in G1 duraluminium or A7075 aluminium, ultralight SV spools feature a magnetic braking system which radically improves rotation control and ultimately casting accuracy, whatever lure you are using. Accurate casting and protection from overruns, whether you’re pitching or casting out at range.

TWS (T-Wing System) - The T-shaped line guide aperture has a different function for winding as it does for casting. On the retrieve, an innovative hood closes down on the line, feeding it into the lower part of the T for accurate lay on the spool. On the cast, the hood lifts up allowing the line to circulate freely within the larger part of the TWS – thus limiting friction, minimising the chance of tangles and improving overall casting performance.

Click Drag - a drag system which produces a sound when a fish runs. Rediscover the clicker on your spinning and baitcasting reels for unrivalled fishing pleasure!

Air Brake System - Improves rotation performance and casting accuracy. The spool has been lightened to the maximum to optimize the magnetic braking system: the ultimate tool for technical casting.

Air Rotation - turn the handle and feel the effortless glide of the rotation. The digitally tooled pinion is assisted by two additional bearings for markedly increased smoothness.

Magforce-Z - boosts casting distance by regulating the intensity of the magnetic field in proportion to the centrifugal force. On the cast, the spool accelerates freely, with the magnetic brake being applied as it reaches its maximum rotation speed, thereby preventing overruns.

Salt Barrier - Clutch system protected from all contact with salt.

Real Pecision Spool - The finish of the spool has been precision-tooled to the order of the micron, offering a rotation 10 times smoother and more sensitive than the standard.

Free-Floating Spool - For optimal rotation speed, the pinion supports the spool with just 2 high-precision ball bearings.

Super Low Profile - The intelligent shape lets you take the profile as close to the blank as possible for maximum sensitivity.

Swept Handle - The swept design of this handle brings the knobs closer to the rod. The result is a more stable action: an energy gain and a more powerful wind.

Power Gripping Concept - Optimal reel grip on the fight thanks to this intelligent, ergonomic design which positions the reel closer to the rod.

MagForce V  - the first magnetic drag system allowing for controlled, accurate casts. The Magforce V wheel lets you choose the drag setting.

High Speed Level Wind - The sideways motion of the line guide is optimised to guarantee a tight line lay limiting the chance of spool tangles.

MagForce 3D - automatically regulates the action of the magnetic drag in line with the centrifugal force. On the cast, the spool accelerates freely until it reaches its maximum speed, at which point the magnetic drag kicks in to avoid any risk of spool tangles. Towards the end of the cast, the spool is once again totally free to eke out those extra few metres on the cast.

Frictionless Level Wind - The shape of the line guide limits friction on the descent and boosts casting performance.

Engine Plate - The side plates either side of the body protect the mechanics and boost the lifespan of your reel.

Intelligent Magforce -  Digitally controlled brake system. By linking with the app, it is possible to send new brake modes to the IM Z reel.

Daiwa Connecting-System -  reel equipped with DAIWA App smartphone connecting system. You can send and view the "fishing log" accumulated on the IM Z reel body to your smartphone. View data such as the timeline, the number of casts, and the maximum flight distance. In addition, if you improve the quality of the data by leaving the fishing field, weather, lures, and fishing results in the memo function, it will be a record for IM Z owners to analyze and step up their own fishing.

Linear shaft - supports the main shaft with a collar and prevents contact with the pinion to reduce frictional resistance.

SS Magforce - brake system that brings out comfortable low trajectory casting performance with a compact swing. A finesse exclusive design that has reconsidered the conventional structure from scratch and has achieved overwhelming weight reduction and low inertia.